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  • Astrid
    With 7 Slim I may not be part of the 1.5-year. You can use it every 1.5 to 2 months for your family. It helps in controlling the weight by picking up a few pounds from the holidays immediately on the use. The package is enough for one month.
    7 Slim
  • Katharina
    I want you all in full combat excess weight has always been a difficult one. The routine of exercise and diet didn't help. The doctor told us to try it 7 Slim. After the first 30 days, I started to lose weight now is 5 lbs!!! He conducted a course, repeat in 2 months and still 4 lbs!!!
    7 Slim
  • Manfred
    I do bodybuilding and I need to get meds to dry up the body, but in sports, additives, stomach ache, and adhere to a strict diet hard. This is why I bought it 7 Slim: expected change in the composition of my body takes more easily. Don't missed: the fat is gone, even as fast as the professional-from sports nutrition, and have no known side effects.
    7 Slim
  • Barbara
    I have yet to finish a full course 7 SlimI write after more than 20 days of use. I have already lost 3.5 kg! And that's without dieting and exercise. For a look that goes back to the end of the month.
    7 Slim
  • Natascha
    Buy 7 Slim I had a fitness instructor. I purchased the full course and it runs in parallel with the acquisition, went to the gym 2 times a week. The result is a very happy – they lost right away to 12 pounds. Prior to that the efficiency of me and I've dreamed of!
    7 Slim
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