Experience in the use of 7 Slim

7 SlimI lost 8 lbs in a month

I rarely write reviews, but this medicine could no longer ignore. Two months ago, we bought 7 Slim at the recommendation of her sister.

Reviews For 7 Slim

I want to share with you the results of the program, which lasted for a month, and my indicators, even after a period of 30 days after the closing date. I hope that my experience help you to lose weight.

Briefly, on the way to the application

The drug is one drop. Don't you need to measure with the aid of a pipette, or the size of the cup, all of that is already dosed. A-light-bulb – with a caveat. Pack of 20 mini package.

In the owner's manual to simple and clear to provide instructions on how to use it 7 Slimdrink it 3 times a day for 20 to 30 minutes before you eat, drink, juice, or water. I have decided to diversify into the app and add the liquid to the milk, and then poured out on him the protein powder. Mentioned, in diet or other side effects after being aware of it.

To 7 Slim

My inducements to 75 kg, up to 170. That is 25 pounds over my ideal weight. Yes, a little, threw it in after the birth. The default activity – the walk to the train station and the metro, in the store, sometimes to the foot of the nearest part of the park. Activities such as the school, and at the moment he is involved in. The time at the gym, don't. Also it is worth mentioning that, for the hips, next to me, and at the beginning of the weight loss was noticeable in the appearance of cellulite.

After the first 30 days 7 Slim

Experience in the use of

Not restrained, and weighed in every week, even though they tell you that your weight can jump in the air. For the first time, it was less of an option, after the minutes of the 1.5 And in the second and third week, the result was increased to 2.5-3 lbs!!! Apparently, the effect of it is stored. A Total of 8 lbs in 30 days, at the end of the course, my weight has reached more than 67 kg,.

Cellulite has become noticeably smaller. The skin-after-weight-loss, quite marked to the standards of the dietitians (they will advise you to relieve at no more than 4 lbs per month, you threatened to overwhelm. I've done a light massage with a stiff brush, but no more can be done to tighten up the non-accepted, and, on the skin became more firm, and if I wasn't sitting on a diet.


7 Slim it is actually a fast way of losing weight. The best results I have given only a mono in about 3 weeks, but to be honest, injury to the body. And 7 Slim it's gotten to the lose weight fast, and without any effect for our health. The most important thing is that the weight does not come back! A month went by, but you don't gain even a gram. I recommend it, and you have to try it.