What can you eat on the protein-rich diet: a list of products

Is it possible to lose weight without the starvation or complicated menus? It happens, yes. The protein in the system to reduce weight, this is the perfect choice for those who like a rich, but simple kitchen.

Products with a high protein diet

To adhere to the developed diet, it is not necessary to buy expensive overseas, a banquet and two cooking skills. All of the dishes can be prepared starting from the product of the common, well-known, from either the owner of the house.

The options for a high-protein diet

There are a lot of varieties of protein to the diet. With the increasing popularity of losing weight, we were given the following guidelines:

The Diet Of Dukan

The creation of a program that represents the 4-step-weight-loss.

Each phase has its goals, boundaries, and a list of ingredients that are permitted by

  • Attack-can last from 1 to 10 days, you are only permitted to have food that are rich in protein;
  • The cruise – in from 2 weeks to up to six months, if necessary, for up to 12 months), the menu is built on the alternation of protein and protein and vegetable days:
  • Anchorage – after a period of 50 days, and is designed to keep the achieved results, gradually, they are introduced into the diet of fresh fruits, starchy vegetables, and animals on a once-per-week use of a favorite dessert;
  • Stabilization – there is no limit to the length.

The characteristic techniques and the inclusion in the diet 1.5-3 tablespoons of bran.


His name is unusual, the technique has gained the hand of the former prime minister of the United kingdom, Margaret Thatcher, who lost weight by this plan of a diet. To adhere to a strict quality system, which can be either 2 or 4 weeks. You have two options: egg white, and milk&.

A characteristic of a healthy diet, the combination of protein products, and citrus fruits.

The Kremlin

The programme has been developed in the course of two weeks. The basic principle of the minimum of carbs. They are allowed on any of the meat dishes, seafood dishes, including deep-fried vegetables, egg, and cheese. Each product is assigned an arbitrary (the score). On that day, not to exceed a 35-40 b


A resourcethere are no restrictions on animal feed are allowed, a set of dishes, you can eat until full saturation.

What can you eat on the protein-rich diet: a list of

The table of recommended products for the protein on the menu.

Category The list
Milk Any cultured drinks, from 0% to 3% fat, kefir, sour milk, yoghurt, cream, ryazhenka), milk 2.5%, cheese up to 5% of the cheese solids in various forms.
In the flesh The variety of lean cuts of meat, turkey, chicken, and rabbit.
The fish and seafood. The marine, a non-greasy.
Vegetables All of them except the potatoes.
The fruit Preferably without sugar, such as apples, pears, citrus fruit, kiwi fruit, plums).
Cereal Wheat, oats, corn, powdered rice, beans, peas, barley,
The berries Strawberry, currant, gooseberry, sea-buckthorn, raspberry, blueberry, cranberry).
Mushrooms Whether fresh or frozen.
The egg The chicken and quail.
Green All of the
Bread, toasted From whole grain flour, with no baking and with the addition of bran cereal, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds).
Vegetable oils Olive oil, olive oil, flax seed.
Drink Black, green, herbal tea, coffee, mineral water, normal water, a clean

Products that are prohibited in the diet that is rich in protein

For effective weight reduction, it is necessary to remove from the diet of carbohydrates, quick, as well as foods that are high in fat.

Products that are prohibited in the diet that is rich in protein

In the first place, the ban will extend in refined sugar, candy, sweets, white-wheat bread, lipstick, baking brownies, you want one of the cakes and pies.

The list of disabled products, it will also include the following:

  • fatty acids are the varieties of meat and fish;
  • the ready-for-semi-finished products, canned food;
  • pickled, smoked, and the fat;
  • any of the carts, salad dressings, mayonnaise, ketchup;
  • starchy vegetables (potatoes, sugar beet, maize);
  • packaged fruit juice, candy, and soft drinks;
  • the alcohol consumption.

From the nuts and a few fruits, it's worth it to give up while dieting: dates, banana, grapes.

Protein diet to lose weight on a diet of Dukan

The methodology has been designed French doctor Pierre Dukan over 30 years ago, but it's the popularity that is acquired only in the first decade of the 2000's, after the release of the book, the author can't seem to lose weight.

The strategy of reduction of weight of a diet the Dukan is built around four clearly-fresco-cycle

  • For the first time "Offense", it's the hardest thing both mentally and physically. It doesn't last more than 10 days ago, but it has the most severe food shortages. It can be consumed as many as 72 different types of protein. Similar to the table and allows you to prepare your body for the change.
  • "Striping". In the diet they are added to vegetable fats, and as much as 28 for all the kinds of vegetables: all kinds of cabbage, zucchini, eggplant, tomato, cucumber, artichoke, basil, celery, green beans, zucchini, carrots, onions, lettuce, spinach, asparagus, legumes, mushrooms.

Some of the ingredients that are allowed in small quantities (g/day):

  • chicken yolk – 25;
  • cooking oil – 18;
  • for the chia seeds to 12 ;
  • flax seeds, -7;
  • tomato pasta – 50;
  • the berries of the goji – 30.

At this stage, the power supply is to be constructed in the following way: day-to-protein and then the protein in the plant, and so on and so forth.

  • "Stickiness" – is the gradual introduction of standard products (fruits, breads, whole grains, cheese, potatoes, and Dr). It's a protein day per week.
  • With the stabilization. It involves a diet that is based on made up of food addiction.

At all stages in weight loss, you need to take with food, for at least 15 to 20 g. for any meal for the day. A useful additive which provides for the activation of the GI and the stable, cleaning out the colon.

So what foods are rich in proteins, contributing to weight loss

The protein in the food, and acting on the body is very slowly digested. In the process of absorption of protein from the connections, and spent a lot of effort. In the absence of ingested carbohydrate in the diet, the energy drawn from the fat cells.

Compliance with the carb deficit over time, resulting in a reduction of fat stores, and gradually to reduce the volume of the body. During the day, it is allowed to use 30 to 50 grams. the carbohydrates are complex.

You can eat only protein

A pure protein diet may not be in use for a long period of time. Adhere to a protein from the menu, and no more than one or two weeks. This is the perfect time to start the necessary changes in the body without any harm to your health. Over a long period of cut-off fraction of the carbohydrates and fats that can adversely affect both the external and the internal of the human condition.

The result is a high-protein diet

The majority of the nutrition are sure of what you are entitled to the power, the more suitable the composition is balanced in protein, fats, and carbohydrates, combining all of the trace elements, and vitamins. Our proportion as a percentage is 30% B /20% W / 50% Have it.

What results do you expect from a high-protein diet

Generally, in accordance with the principles of the fundamental of the power supply and driven by an active life-style, it's not going to wait for you. External changes will be visible at the end of the first week. In a very short period of time, it is possible to get rid of from 1.5 to 4 pounds. of the excess weight. The final numbers are, in large part, will depend on the amount of the original mass of the body, and the personal characteristics of the weight loss. On average, a 14-day diet, you you you you you can reset, 3-5,5-pound.


Balcove the appropriate menu, away from it all. Among older adults, and women in a better position to appeal to such a strict diet. And, if you have a serious disease of the gastro-intestinal tract, inflammation of the kidneys, the liver, and the system power supply is recommended.