The Energy Diet – nutrition-a functional

The market is healthy, and sports nutrition, recently there was a leader for the Energy, which is your Diet, it is a carefully designed system based on the use of concentrates, with a lot of different things. All of the products included in this line are functional, and the balance sheet.

The task of the technical standards of the body's metabolism, leading to weight loss, which is non-refundable. Of bad dietary supplement for weight loss of those different colored pots, in which they spent a lot of research, laboratory testing, and has received the approval of experts and of ordinary people.

What is the

In order to decide upon the weight loss in such a way as to be unusual, to begin with, it is worth understanding that this is the same as the Energy Diet:

  • a complete, well-balanced, with the point of view of IBU for the replacement of each meal in the form of a dried concentrate, which upon dilution of the milk becomes useful, and is a delicious side dish;
  • "smart food", which is a problem in the organization, and directs all its strength to the resolution of the same;
  • the program, in order to save the health, the energy, and keep your body slim, and without exhausting all the fad diets and the effects on the body.

These products are manufactured in France and is subject to the control of quality is second to none, and having the certificate of conformity with standards, such as the russians and the europeans.

The confirmation of the quality of


In energy-restricted diets of this marking of absence of the GM. They had to have a procedure for the state registration subject to all manner of research PROJECTS, institute of nutrition and CENTRE epidemiology and microbiology of a NAME.

As it takes place in the body. The diet is based on the Energy Diet:

  • easily optimize your daily calorie intake;
  • it provides the body with the necessary amount of vitamins, fibers and minerals;
  • is not the same, can't get enough of, and it does not cause rejection, as well as include a wide array of cocktails with different flavors, you can mix one with the other;
  • thanks, skin, and enzymes, it boosts the digestive health;
  • clean the intestines of toxins;
  • it eliminates the toxins;
  • change your eating habits;
  • it improves your well-being.
  • thanks to the sufficient amount of protein and dietary fiber, provides a long-lasting feeling of satiety;
  • it helps to control the desire for unhealthy foods.

The main function of the energy diet — the normalization of metabolism, to break more often, they become the cause of obesity. If you are following the weight loss program was developed by the manufacturer, then you can get great results and maintain them in the future.

In a general way. For sale ED in many different countries, and the products must comply with the law. For example, in France you get it in a cocktail, whereas in Russia, it is not. In fact, this is the component in the plots for the RF is missing. But the French military concentrated on the number is very small, and it doesn't change the taste of the product, so the difference is not felt.

The composition

These focused — nutrition-functional, fully in line with the right and healthy food. The intake of the product from the database, you lose the weight you receive the right amount of amino-acid PRODUCTS, vitamins, dietary fiber, vitamin d, the biologically active substances. The composition of the party and includes a variety of useful components.


Here, there are no animal proteins (dairy products) and vegetable (soya and peas). In each of the party's 18 amino acids that are not synthesized by the human body independently, but go for it, it was only for the food.


Fats, cocktails, energy-restricted diets appear the oil of the soy bean, which will be attended by approximately 30 trace elements. Some of these include linoleic acid and vitamin a, c, E1, a brake on the growth of the cancer cells. And here are the fats of animals, there is no way that cholesterol levels is harmful to be afraid of, it is not necessary.

The carb

The carbohydrates are presented on the glucose, that is absorbed quickly; maltodextrin and corn starch, to saturate the body for a long period of time. The number of strictly balanced. Its main task is to ensure that your muscles and brain for energy, which in turn prevents the onset of fatigue and a decline in health during the weight-loss.

Dietary fiber

To clean, ideal for the gut and for the maintenance of the normal microflora of the stomach, at cocktail parties, present in the region. It is represented by the gum, and inulin from chicory.

Royal jelly

It is a literal translation of the ingredient of the FOOD, but at the hearing it appears by the name of "royal jelly". They have the bees to feed their young. As a part of cocktails, it stabilizes your mood, strengthen the immune system, increasing resistance to unfavourable factors outside its control. Thanks to this, the tissues will receive more oxygen.

In addition to these ingredients, the energy-restricted diets containing salts, minerals, and vitamins to nurture and optimise metabolism); caribbean cherry (acerol), which keep the body's acid-ascorbic acid; a complex of enzymes, High Digestibility, thus contributing to the rapid and full digestion of the proteins.

However, the composition of each product may differ slightly from the catalogue. Therefore, the study of the packaging, where it's all written out in more detail.

On a single note. 1 to jar-ED it:

  • calciferol, such as 3 gallons of milk:
  • the calcium in a half liter of yogurt;
  • ascorbic acid, like in 300 g of apples / 500 grams of eggplant;
  • tocopherol, such as 800 grams of cottage cheese;
  • niacin, like with the 2.5 kg of apples of 1 kg of rose hip oil / 120 gr. of the flesh.
  • protein, like 2 eggs / 500 ml of milk / 70 gr. of beef, beef / 50 g of cheese;
  • of iron, 700 g of sugar / 2 liters of apple juice / 200 gr. of raisins / 600 gr, onion / 300 g of chicken stock.

The damage

Cocktails energy diet has on the body and is a powerful enough impact, you will need to constantly keep them under control. It is not the Add-in, which he drank, and when he wanted to, and then wait for a diet for weight-loss. The power supply system requires strict adherence to program. And if you ignore it, the consequences may not be the most pleasant one.

The products in this line, there is a lot of the warning indications and contra-indications, which should be pre-building. These include the following:

  • disrupted synthesis of the enzyme;
  • earned;
  • an ulcer of the stomach;
  • disease;
  • congestive heart failure;
  • the pathology of the gastrointestinal system, the kidneys, and the pancreas.
  • the gastritis is acute;
  • an obstruction of the intestine;
  • treat;
  • allergy to the components of the cocktail;
  • sleep;
  • in the metabolic syndrome.

For many products, Energy, Diet, of these contra-indications can be expanded. For example, in a cocktail or Cappuccino, and Coffee contain caffeine, which will damage the bodies of young children, the elderly, people with increased nervous excitability, in patients that have high blood pressure. So what is this system for weight loss designed for those of you who don't have any health problems.

If you have any type of illness (acute and chronic) allowed for the use of the concentrate needs to get to a doctor. Otherwise, you may experience side-effects, among which are often to be observed:

  • a fast heart beat;
  • the weight gain and not decrease;
  • dizziness;
  • migraine headaches;
  • the rate of pressure increase;
  • and nausea;
  • shortness of breath, and Dr.

Such problems are possible, and if you do drink wine in the wrong way, and ignoring the giving of the instructions for use and against-indications.

The pros and cons of

Like any type of weight-loss, you will Energy Diet has of the strengths and weaknesses of the transportation and real estate. The need to take into account even before you buy them, so as not to waste the money for nothing.


  • This is a complete replacement for the 1 on the intake of food.
  • it can be used continuously, with no need;
  • a variety of programmes.
  • a wide variety of flavors;
  • the perfect blend of substances, including the mix of plant and animal proteins;
  • easy to understand;
  • the availability of all types of certificates and the confirmation of its efficacy. *
  • to control calorie intake;
  • the formation of correct eating habits;
  • the supply of energy;and
  • weight loss without hunger.


  • The high cost and (2 200-2 300 USD. a tin can);
  • the menu, in spite of the diversity, the fast, however fun;
  • the difficulty with the proposed acquisition;
  • the effectiveness of the exercise;
  • compulsive disorder (ocd), marketing;
  • chemical additives;
  • the length of weight reduction (a minimum of 3 months).

When all the other hand, the energy-restricted diets — the perfect solution to the problem of excess weight in the conditions of shortage of time and busy when it is time for a mid-afternoon snack. A portion of the concentrate can lead to the work, and, in a way, in order to save the healthy stomach.

The rules for the use of the

You should take note of the following recommendations:

  1. It is best to produce a concentrate of the order of 1.5%-with no milk in it.
  2. Its temperature should be not more than 60 °.
  3. To prepare for a fresh party it's a good idea to take the milk cold. The warm, leave it for soups, mashed potatoes, and grains.
  4. 1 scoop = 30 g = 1 serving if you get divorced in a glass of liquid oxygen.
  5. Without physical exercise, nutrition isn't going to work. Therefore, in order to lose weight, you need to seriously work out.
  6. Protein-energy shakes for weight loss, it is recommended to drink within the time limits of 2 hours of a sports facility. A balanced mix is going to train the muscle, not the fat folds.
  7. The erectile dysfunction in men and you can replace 1 or more meals a day, but not all of them. In addition to each and every one of these is dry, concentrated on the menu, it necessarily must be present in the vegetables, fruits, fish, and t. d.
  8. After the ingestion of the Energy-Diet-drink a full glass of water (after 15 minutes), the effect of saturation is to last as long as possible.
  9. On the day of, and drink a minimum of 1.2 and a best-of — 2 gallons of water.
  10. Prepare just before eating, drink 1 time (s).
  11. The concentrates are then stored at a temperature below 5 °c and not more than 25 °.
  12. The content of the faq, the banks remain capable of food no more than 2 months.
the energy

Manufacturers are clearly giving the directions of use. However, this is only ideally, it should produce more milk. Try the different options and fill the concentrate with other water: yogurt, soy milk, juice of a lemon to the water. This is not to be prohibited.

The line of products

Energy-restricted diets distinctive differences. Here are a sugary-sweet, and very savory flavors-hot dishes, cereals, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, bread, and lots of other things. "The way" — vanilla, banana, coffee, chocolate, milk, chicken and mushrooms. In addition to the power supply, it is not prohibited to mix the different products, the mushrooms, the chicken, the strawberries with the vanilla extract and the t. d. d.

Here is what you can take your pick from their vast range.

Cocktails Energy Diet Smart:

  • strawberries,
  • part;
  • vanilla extract;
  • fresh water;
  • chocolate;
  • cafe
  • raspberry;
  • the fruit core.


  • is the tomato;
  • mushrooms;
  • vegetables;
  • chicken;
  • peas with kopanosts.

The remainder of the people:

  • the flour of oats;
  • pure of spring the sea, the sunny-Burgundcal);
  • pasta (with wild berries and tOhmtmas of the plant);
  • for the bread:
  • I;
  • the dessert (crème brûlée with caramel).

The sports bar:

  • meg;
  • vanilla extract;
  • candy;
  • pineapple upside-down;
  • lemon juice;
  • fruit cactus;
  • the mango and papaya.

The main draw from the energy cocktails, energy-restricted diets either brand, the range also includes a welcome drink, tea, Enerwood Tea (13 flavors). Well-being is complex, from herbs of the Altai region.

Weight loss program

the program will start

Weight loss products energy diet, you will have to consistently move to the next phase of three programs: the Beginning of the mounting of the Control.

The beginning of

The program will Start with the first step, and that gives the body the impetus to lose weight. The change in eating habits will shed the fat burning. It lasts for 3 days, and if you should give up to 10 kg, for 5 more. Involves the consumption of not more than 1,500 calories a day.

The plan recommended in the diet: 5 meals a day + 400 g of vegetables: cabbage, broccoli, beets, lettuce, squash, eggplant, zucchini, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, soybeans, green beans, radish, turnip, radish, bell pepper. They can be eaten raw, cooking or stir-frying, and cook them for salads. In the kitchen, you can add the chopped greens.

The fixing of the

In the second phase of increase in the intake of calories daily, but don't worry, the weight will continue to drop. In the menu that displays the products being sold. This program of weight loss in 25 days. If your weight remains to be excess, one must go back to the start-up phase. In the third stage, the weight should be normal.

The program model of the power consumption and mixing energy-restricted diets — 2 times a day. The rest of the home-cooked food, it is a conventional food. They are added to foods that are rich in protein. Is it allowed to one thing, the number 1 once-a-day, and in the amounts specified:

  • 2 egg whites (boiled);
  • lean meat (100 gr.);
  • the bird with no skin (150 g);
  • cheese, low-fat (100 g);
  • cheese, cottage, low fat (150 g)
  • fish, corn, cooked non-fat / fruits of the sea, (150 gr.).
the program for the conservation of

The control of the

During this time, you will have to learn not to eat too much and choose foods will only products are helpful to you. Duration: 1 month for each and every pound you have lost. The concentrate is used in a once-a-day — and-night. Are added:

  • carbs: pasta, beans, lentils, grains, bread, non-treated, rice flour, oats, and buckwheat cereal;
  • 300 g of fresh fruit per day: kiwi fruit, apricot, banana, citrus fruits, pears, watermelon, peach, pineapple;
  • 300 g of berries as an alternative to the fruit.


For each of the concentrated energy of diets are there that are similar to, but in the nuances of different recipes. Try to follow the general scheme for the preparation of to not only enjoy their taste, but in order to achieve maximum results.

The power the cocktail

Pour one tablespoon of the concentrate to a glass of warm milk, which has been strongly hit in to the cocktail shaker.

The soup

Option 1. Pour one tablespoon of the concentrate to a glass of warm milk, hard to beat in a cocktail shaker.

2. Pour one tablespoon of the concentrate to a glass of cold milk, which has been strongly hit in to the cocktail shaker. Heat it in the microwave oven for 1.5 min.


Option 1. Pour one tablespoon of the concentrate to a glass of cold milk, which has been strongly hit in to the cocktail shaker. Heat in the microwave for 2 minutes.

2. Pour one tablespoon of the concentrate to a glass of cold milk, which has been strongly hit in to the cocktail shaker. Pour it into a frying-pan, fritartü before, in the course of preparation.

The bread

the program for the control of the

In the mix 7 tablespoons of the dry mixture with the 5-dimensional space of tablespoons of clean water. Knead it to form a loaf of bread. Place in a deep dish, place the item in a " glass is half-full of water. You expose a 750-W microwave for 5 min. if you want to get a loaf of bread to toast, and fry them in a safe deposit box.

The masses

Pour in the 3 dimensional space of tablespoons of cold water in a cup. Rose slowly, slowly, pour in it 1 bag of pulp, energy-restricted diets, and stir thoroughly. Eat with a loaf of bread.


Pour a teaspoon of powder in a glass of warm milk, which has been strongly vsbatetü, pour it into a dish. To put it in the item or shipping, 200 W, 2 min. Leave it in the fridge for 30 minutes. if you get a Hold of, before eating, drizzle with the syrup.


Pour the contents of 1 sachet of puree, cold milk, amount, and blend until smooth. Heat in a microwave oven for 2.5 min. in the mix, let it sit for 2 minutes.


Option 1. Pour the contents of 1 sachet of porridge made with 150ml of milk-at room temperature, the taken care of the breaking down of the expectations. Heat it in the microwave for 3 minutes. in the mix, let it sit for 3 minutes.

2. In the mix in a shaker 1 sachet of concentrate with 150 ml of almost boiling milk. Large, well-split the mixture in to the mix as well. Let it sit for a few minutes.

The questions and answers.

How to do?

Accuracy, to follow the developed the weight loss program in 3 phases.

The way to produce a cocktail?

With a spoon, a measure, that is, in each of the banks, it is 30 g of product for 1 serving. In order to make the cocktail you have to mix it up with a spoon as a dry concentrate, with a glass of milk, which has been strongly hit in to a ditch (the shaker that is ideal for this).

It helps you to lose weight?

If it's the problem of being overweight, actually, there is a clear understanding of the implementation of the program allows you to get rid of any unnecessary weight. But if we continue to drink beer, eat chips, Energy, the Diet will not work.

It can be diluted with water.

Yes, but like you, it can be frustrating. Milk is the liquid oxygen for the creation of the mix.

What is the result of a loss of weight?

Anyone got the first results are visible already in the first week after the commencement of the use of these products. In the case of a delay of 3 months or more. So it is all very individual. In an average week, you can lose 3-4 kg of weight.

What is the calorie content for one serving?

To 200 calories.

How does it work?

With the regular use of cocktails of energy, diets to optimize intake of calories to supply your body with vitamins and minerals, and makes digestion, produce toxins, improves your well-being will quickly saturate, chat with the the desire to a harmful product.

As for the lack of the banks ' Energy Plan?

To a flask containing 450 g / l of concentrate, that lasts for 15 in the evening. If you are starting with a program at the Beginning of the 5-day, 1 in the package in which the one of the deadlines is not good enough. For weight loss this system, you will have to shell out nearly 3-to-8 cans of different flavours.

Judging by the results of our study and the large number of positive reviews, then the system really does work, unlike that of a bullet of silver "a bolus of i. v's" of dubious quality. But in order to reduce the weight, it is necessary to consider all the cons, indications and contra-indications, and the cost of the product. Only a strict adherence to the program, you can guarantee the results.