Weight loss foods at home: the most effective and simple menu

In the modern world, most people are overweight. You don’t have to starve to lose weight. You can eat tasty and healthy, while losing weight.

Simple Diet to Lose Weight at Home

Many simple and effective weight loss methods do not require fasting and strict calorie counting.

The general rules for all food bans are:

  1. Do not consume carbonated beverages. It is the beverage component in this component that leads to obesity.
  2. vegetables, fruits and water are very important for weight loss
  3. Start your morning with a glass of warm water. Drink at least 1. 5 liters of water throughout the day. If you find it difficult to push the packaged juice suddenly, then it is permissible to add lemon juice, a slice of cucumber or lime, mint leaves into the water.
  4. Before going to the supermarket, decide what to buy. Your list can only contain natural and healthy foods. Control your cravings and don’t write to buy the advertised chocolate bar. The marketing movement is quite difficult and tries to entice you in every way possible. Don't fall for their provocation.
  5. If you can't skip a snack 3 hours before bed, then just eat a snack like low -calorie yogurt. Anything eaten before bed will not have time to be absorbed and will become fat.
  6. Follow how you prepare food. Give the option not to fry in a pan, but to cook the food in the oven. Foods cooked with steam retain the beneficial vitamins and minerals responsible for the beauty of nails and hair.

By following these simple tips, you can lose body fat with little effort. The diet includes five meals: breakfast and late, lunch, snacks, dinner.

Diet for 3 days at home

The express diet is designed for an average of 3 days. With their help, it is possible for a short period of time to be energized before an important event. They also help cleanse the body and remove excess fluid from it.

You may lose up to 3 pounds on such a detox diet.In addition, you will feel lightness and joy. For the most effective weight loss, start exercising. This can be Pilates and cardio exercises. Choose the type of physical activity based on individual preferences and health conditions.

3 Day Diet based on food restrictions. You must forget about sweets, fatty foods and alcohol. The diet should consist of vegetables, fruits, fish, white meat.

Don't go hungry on purpose. Failure to eat for more than 4 hours will cause a relapse. It is best to eat every 2. 5 hours, with small portions. For snacks, beans or green apples are best.

Diet for a week at home: menu

A glass of warm water an hour before a meal will help you eat less.

Fluid fills the stomach, signaling fullness to the brain.

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Day Breakfast LunchDinner Snack
1 Millet porridge Roasted perch, vegetables Cottage cheese with ingredients Berries
2 A glass of fermented baked milk Vegetables, boiled chicken breast Light fish soup Boil the eggs
3 Omelet Boil beef with asparagus Cauliflower Salad Grated carrots
4 Pancake Jacket Potatoes, Celery Omelet Beans
5 Green tea with milk (1: 1), low -fat yogurt with fruit Steamed chicken pieces, broccoli Zucchini sup -mash Ryazhenka
6 Banana Smoothie Vegetable soup Lentil salad (green apple, celery, parsley, lentil / lemon juice)zxtd>Apple
7 Omelet Boiled beef, vegetable stew Oatmeal Orangezxtable>

You can compile the menu freely for 7 days, using the options for ready meals shown in the table.

Simple 2 Week Protein Weight Loss Diet

Protein diets are recognized as the most effective. It must be observed for two weeks. So far, you can lose weight more than 7 kg.

The essence of the diet is to eat foods rich in protein. They moisturize the body, eliminate hunger.

Nutritionists have recognized protein nutrition as the weakest way to lose weight.

When choosing this diet, follow some guidelines:

  • exclude simple carbohydrates (candy, pastries, potatoes) from your menu;
  • avoid fast food chains;
  • Drink an average of two liters of water per day;
  • have breakfast 60 minutes after waking up;
  • late dinner must be at least 2. 5 hours before bedtime;
  • The amount of fat should not exceed 40 grams per day.

The diet is suitable for people who love meat. Proper preparation will reduce the calorie content of the dish. Do not use oil.

Carbohydrate -free diet at home

Initially, a carbohydrate -free diet was recommended for athletes and bodybuilders, and then the nutritional system went beyond the limits of big sports. Today, with its help, people who have nothing to do with barbells and treadmills lose excess weight.

Carbohydrates are not completely excluded from the diet. Consumption of complex carbohydrates is allowed. They are found in cereals, cereals, green vegetables.

The main components of a carbohydrate -free menu are meat, eggs, dairy products.

The Most Effective Weight Loss Diet at Home

Nutritionists have recognized the buckwheat mono diet as the most effective and safest food of all similar food systems. The diet is designed for three days. Choose unpeeled buckwheat. Her skin contains the maximum amount of vitamins.

In addition to losing excess weight, the mono diet helps cleanse the body and remove vascular plaque. Buckwheat contains large amounts of copper, which has a positive effect on the condition of the skin, hair and nails. Buckwheat porridge is allowed to be poured with kefir.

Diet Ducan

Takes a leading position among similar weight loss methods. It is based on the consumption of nutritious but low -calorie foods. It is allowed to eat fish, meat and milk. Protein foods are preferred. Carbohydrates must be left out completely.


Different types of simple diets allow you to choose the right one based on your personal preferences. Adhering to key dietary rules will allow you to achieve visible results. Include sports in your daily schedule and observe the arrows on the scale to quickly approach the desired figure.