How to lose weight at home without dieting

Nice picture, it's the dream of almost every woman. In the pursuit of the ideal of the beauty of the girl, the exhaustion of diet, and irreversible damage to your health. With any diet it is a great deal of stress to your body. It can harm the stomach and the digestive system in general. Also unpleasant, as a result of a diet of dark, non-elastic skin, and the appearance of wrinkles. After the end of the diet, the body will return the extra pounds more quickly, than get rid of them, and the delay is in your diet, your metabolism will increase the burden of day-to-day basis. To lose weight without harming your health, and achieve a strong result after a weight-loss aid a proper diet, and physical activity. But a few simple tips for you to get rid of pounds once and for all.

To lose weight at home without dieting water

how to lose weight

If you get rid of 2-3 lbs in 2 weeks is going to help you regular water, if it is taken correctly.

  • Drink two glasses of water after waking up. Water fasting for cleansing the body of toxins, enhances metabolism and speeds up the process of digestion of fats.
  • I drink a glass of water for 20 to 30 minutes just before each meal. The drunk in the water before you eat to remove hunger and will not give you the excess food.
  • Do not drink with food. The food is the easiest and the fastest to be digested your stomach, if you don't take.
  • Drink it no sooner than 40 minutes after a meal. Not getting in the way of the stomach for the work, does not dilute the gastric juice, and do not grow in the stomach.
  • On the day, drink at least two liters of water.
  • Before I sleep I drink a glass of it.

If you add water, the juice of half a lemon, and you can speed up even more the parting with too much of a burden.

How to eat right to lose weight at home without dieting?

It's not about what we eat, how much, how much we eat.

  • Gradually reduce your portion size to what they will be about 200 g. Thus, we reduce the stomach, we are not going to be eating more than what is necessary for our body.
  • Eat often (every 2 to 3 hours), but in very small portions.
  • The last time we ate there for 3 hours before going to sleep to allow time for the stomach to digest the food.

What to eat to lose weight at home without dieting?

  • Make your diet more vegetables. Kale, collard greens, cauliflower, celery, bell pepper, green burn fat.
  • Don't overdo the fruit with the corn starch (persimmon, banana, and t.-d.). Apples are an excellent choice for a mid-afternoon snack, but it is the lemon that is the worst enemy of fat.
  • We ate ontwarnie eggs, and baked, roasted, or cooked lean meat.
  • Eat fibers, it will help you to lose weight quickly and effectively, and it fills the body with useful fatty acids, and trace elements. Just 2 teaspoons of dry fibre per day to help you remember what it is to lose weight.
  • Not necessarily, we eat fish at least 1-2 times per week (only not smoked). Fish oil speeds up your metabolism and therefore help you to lose weight. Can you take fish oil in capsule form. A nice bonus is the valuable vitamins they contain. By using fish-oil, not only will we be able to on the result that you want to lose weight, but to improve the condition of your skin and hair.
  • We replaced the desserts with dried fruit, honey, or fruit. You can either eat the marshmallow, jam, jelly.
  • Eat more green vegetables.
  • Before going to bed, so as not to feel hungry, you can drink a glass of slim yogurt. If you add more than one tbsp of cinnamon, ginger, and red pepper on the cutting edge of the knife, but it is also the least 2-3 pounds a month.
  • Used cooking oil (preferably olive oil) instead of animal fats.

What you can't is when the weight loss is in your house?

weight loss
  • In the evening, never eat кonпченonсtand, annealed, pickled products and salty foods, and usually the best of them to refuse.
  • Do not eat fried, fatty foods. We prefer broiled, stewed, cooked food.
  • Do not eat flour.
  • Do not drink coffee, tea and sugar. Better to replace sugar with honey.
  • Don't overdo the fast food.
  • Mayonnaise is prohibited.
  • Semi-finished products.
  • From the butter.
  • Do not drink soft drinks.

Exercises to lose weight at home without dieting

  • The power squat is good to burn calories, and tighten your buttocks.
  • Jump to the rope, and one without.
  • The statistics of the year in the universe. We try to stay on track for at least 30 seconds.
  • To make the jogging.
  • Rides the bike.
  • Enough to sway with the press, three (3) times a week.
  • The dance classes and the website.

Sport and healing the body, mind and soul. Exercise with pleasure, you're going to get the result you want faster. Choose a comfortable time for practice, and it is the place for you, we have included your favourite song. Try to get at least three or four times a week. During a cardio workout, when your heart begins to slowly beat, and the body to burn fat more quickly. I need to spend at least an hour, only to immediately notice a positive result.

Beautiful, it's easy. Starting to eat properly, by doing simple physical exercises, you will soon see how your body will pull out the picture of refinement, the improvement of the condition of the skin, hair, and nails. Getting yourself a healthy diet, you are sure to get rid of thoughts about diet as well as activity in the home, will be a part of your life, and it will please you and lift your mood. Remember, that during the course of the blood ejected a considerable quantity of a hormone of happiness, so you will be able to improve your physical and mental state.