How to lose weight fast 5 pounds. a week at home with no to go on a diet: 12 steps

Girls who want to have a slim body, which are divided into 2 categories: the followers of the diet (even more strict), and those who want to eat right. It is the second category of individuals, which is to say, how to lose weight fast 5 pounds. for the week, in order to lead a life of preparing food for the family in the house. And all of this is completely free of diet!

It is possible to lose the weight by 5 to 10 pounds. for a week, without any dieting?

Effective weight loss
  1. The experts will tell you that, yes, in order to ease the burden on the specified can possibly be. But you'll need to follow the following rules, as well as to work out (even if it's a normal gym in the morning).
  2. So, how to lose weight without dieting and removing fat from the belly it may be hard for beginners to make a food plan, and prepare yourself mentally. In need of a boost, which will help you to keep from falling.
  3. From the power figures do not include all of the Sahara desert, containing the products of fast food, soft drinks, and alcohol. A base comprising fruit, fruit and vegetables, water, lean meat, seafood, fish, vegetables, and defatted milk, and all the things that we are going to talk about next.
  4. If you've ever wondered how you can lose weight in a week at 10 lbs., so, you have to practice a sport. Just like that, without dieting at home, going to get rid of the hated inches at the waist. In the sport, it's an intensive cardio training to burn fat.
  5. For fast weight loss, you must combine some cardio for a minimum of 4 hours per week), weights (3 hours per week of training. This duet is going to lead to a rapid loss of body weight and the formation of a piece of land.

Weight-loss-fast-in 5 kg units. a week without a diet: 12 steps

Below we are going to show you how to lose weight fast 5 pounds. All of the rules will lead to the result that, by the week, subject to compliance with the requirements of the house. Lose weight without dieting it is reality.

Step # 1. Drink water

  1. For the weight reduction, and purification, that is, the concepts are related to one another. With the contaminated slag and toxins from your body, you will not lose weight. So, drink it, drink it, and again drink the water.
  2. Every day you should be consuming at least 2, and l. purified, bottled in liquid form. From the menu, they are completely excluded from the packaged fruit juices, soft drinks, sweets, jams with alcohol.
  3. Drink a full glass of water with lemon juice 45 minutes prior to a meal. Then, in the same amount of lemon water you consume 2 hours after the ingestion of food. This is the basic one. Also, not to be a mistake in the use of lime-water temperature of the water in the morning on an empty stomach.
  4. Many underestimate the water, even though it is the basis of everything. It initiates the metabolic processes in the body, causes the blood to circulate more strongly, cleans up the lymph, kidneys, liver, and intestines. You're never going to forget about the constipation, and you will quickly lose weight.
  5. If it is difficult to join in the drinking mode, and download a smartphone app to remind you about the need for a drink of water.

Step # 2. Totally remove the fast-food

  1. We told you about how to lose weight fast 5 pounds. For a week, to get rid of the excess weight in the house away from all the drinks, biscuits and chocolates. And so, without dieting and on the PP, you have to reset properly. Team it with your family, and you don't Kushland potatoes, French fries, and other "evils".
  2. There is no need to eat pancakes in preparation for the fast, or a visit to the cafe, and fast food. Light to eat apples, walnuts, natural yogurt, without any additives, cheese, dried fruit, and other utilities.
  3. From the menu all the time (and not just for the length of weight loss) it suffers from the fast-food, canned, salted, smoked, other than the supply of both products and semi-finished products. The overlay only, cooked, stewed.
  4. A bird with skin, beef fat, and the fat – all of this is strictly prohibited. Learn the basics of a healthy diet because it will be too late. While you're chewing on hard things, the other to saturate the body with valuable products.

Step # 3. Avoid eating carbs

  1. This might be attributed to the Iran-containing products, and that is when it gets in the body, it instantly turns into a layer of fat around his waist.
  2. What do you need to uninstall? Potatoes, rice, unpolished, bread, wheat, pasta, non-wheat bread, ice cream, cake, and muffin, the fries, the sugar in it.
  3. When you decide to how to lose weight fast 5 pounds. for the week, keep in mind one important aspect. In the house is enough to give up eating carbs, and everything else! The reduction in weight, without dieting that you have provided.

Step # 4. To speed up your metabolism

  1. Your main task – to accelerate all the metabolic processes, so that the fat is not accumulated for. To do this, you can purchase the add-on bar. All of them are an add-on to the food, and really good to deal with on the job.
  2. However, for those who are not willing to spend more money on the pharmacy, additives, and advise on the list of goods, which is required for admission. Pop up legumes, cheese, low-fat (hard and soft varieties), chili-pepper, and ginger (you can cook up a miracle in cocktails), avocado, cinnamon, honey, whole milk, whole milk, acid, products.
  3. Fruits, vegetables, and fruits
  4. Necessarily need to eliminate the salt, the bicarbonate of sodium in the diet. They slow down the water and slow weight loss. In the menu that should be present in the food with Omega 3, 6 fatty acids, vitamin D, protein, and dietary fiber (fiber).
  5. On the basis of the diet (30-40%) should be from fruits, vegetables, and fruits. More than 50% of it protein-rich foods. That's the bare minimum that you need to know in order to start losing weight.
  6. Mix in some cardio (eg, running) with weights (squats with barbells) to exercise. It's a super effective technique. More, take a walk, take the stairs and not the elevator.
  7. We have to move forward, how to lose weight fast 5 pounds. To reduce the weight for a week and then drink the water. At home, you can prepare by adding ginger, lemon, honey and cinnamon and drink it on an empty stomach. And so, without diet that you can handle the job.
  8. Important! Never skip the breakfast in the morning. Woke up, drank a glass of water with lemon waiting for over 45 minutes and a coffee in the morning. The breakfast is basic, running is the metabolism and is better than the one in which you want it to be.

Step # 5. Stop smoking

  1. The addiction to tobacco – the most harmful habit that it's hard to say no. Many people do not know, than to take it in the mouth and on the hands, when you get rid of the cigarettes.
  2. Fortunately for you, there is a solution for you. The electronic cigarette, which is introduced by a special fluid. You can buy it at any store, on the net as well.
  3. Cigarette smoking is a very strong slow down of metabolism and, in consequence, the fat accumulates and is hard to run out them. If you are not able to quit smoking, you can buy elentrance, you start to do more exercise, have mercy on your body.
  4. Tobacco clogs the vessels leading to listlessness and fatigue, a chronic infecting the body of poisons. Under these circumstances, you are just going to be hard to lose weight.

In the step # 6. Breakfast and lunch

In order to understand how to lose weight fast 5 pounds. for the week, it's worth it to adhere to the rules. At home, you have to reset the weight to go on a diet, if you don't, you'll be asked for the coffee in the morning.

    A healthy breakfast
  1. Studies have shown that the time of fasting does not help you to say goodbye to a the unwanted pounds. On the contrary, such actions have lead to the development of serious medical conditions.
  2. As the body begins to function properly just at the time when the receiving of the wi-fi access. If you omit it, the fat doesn't get to say good-bye. How to lose weight at home, quickly and easily, you should start off with a delicious breakfast in the morning. You have to reset the weight without dieting.
  3. Studies have shown that the consumption of foods that are high in calories early in the day, contributing to the rapid reduction of the total body weight. If you get into the habit of eating breakfast ever, which greatly improves the body's metabolism.
  4. For breakfast, you can maintain the highest levels of insulin in the blood. Properly designed for the day, you can improve performance. Due to these early starts, the process of burning of a calorie.
  5. After waking up for the breakfast that gives the body the essential nutrients. If you have to miss a morning of eating the food, and the state, it will be a whole lot worse. Properly-developed and will give you more energy for the body and the brain.
  6. Breakfast and lunch will help you understand how to lose weight fast 5 pounds. for a week. Eating it all the time in the morning, you're going to inhibit the typical weight at home without dieting. In addition, breakfast helps to reduce the risk of developing diabetes.
  7. Step # 7. Eat foods that are calorie negative

  8. Products with negative calories takes a lot of time to digest and assimilate.
  9. Because of this, the body has to spend a lot of their own calories. As a result, it speeds up the body's metabolism, is a natural weight loss.
  10. These items must be noted in the zucchini, broccoli, asparagus, spinach, celery, cucumber, and juice from the leaves.
  11. Also, in the category, lime, grapefruit, melon, and blueberries. Show the products that have a minimal number of calories.

Step # 8. Eat in small portions

  1. In the process of losing weight, it depends on how many times a day do you eat. Make it a habit to eat smaller dishes. Forget about the add-ons.
  2. On the first day you should be eating 5 or 6 times. This does not mean that you are going to eat more of the product. It allows you to trick your stomach and give you a constant feeling of being full.
  3. And so you're going to learn how to lose weight fast 5 pounds. for a week. Let him eat at home, properly. Then you will have to go on a diet.

Step # 9. Sleep

    A good night's sleep, healthy
  1. If you fall asleep at certain times, and in enough time, health issues and the nervous system is not going to be. As a result, you are sure to feel cheery and vibrant. You will also be able to practice in a wide range of topics.
  2. Sleep allows the body to relax and recover. Because of this, in the same way that occurs in the burning of excess calories and, as a result of the rapid reduction in weight. He sleeps on the order of 7 to 8 hours.

Step # 10. Change your life-style

  1. Make it a habit to always prepare their own meals. Forget about fast-food and semi-finished products.
  2. You will be able to monitor the amount of calories in them. To lose weight faster, it's not too much to be the year.
  3. If you are a long time to spend behind a computer or television, it promotes the efficient of a set of excess weight.
  4. Try more of walking. Avoid the elevators, unless you use the stairs, escalator, or the machine. To drink more water.

The step # 11. Don't eat late

  1. So, how to lose weight fast 5 pounds. for the week, it's very real, and you need to stop eating after a certain time of the day. At home, you're going to start to lighten the weight without dieting.
  2. The weight loss has occurred, the maximum effective, not to make yourself a schedule. Sign up to the time of the meal, and then follow the plan. The result is not going to wait for a very long time.

The step # 12. To avoid the stress

    In the battle with stress
  1. Stop worrying about being overweight. Try to minimize stress in the workplace and in the home environment. This is due to the frequent experiences of developing serious health problems, including obesity.
  2. If you are faced with a situation, listen to your favorite music and take your time. Well, if you're able to do in a yoga class.
  3. Possible to visit exotic places, peaceful parks, savoury or unleavened bread of the sources. Learn how to meditate and breathe deeply. To sleep.

Tune in to the wave, and set a goal. So, how to lose weight fast 5 pounds. for the week, really, you do it to yourself on the calendar. In the house, eat properly, and maintain an active life-style. As a result, you shed excess weight without dieting.