The best diet for weight loss

Excessive weight is the real issue for the community of women and men. To solve it, will help you the best diet to lose weight of the most popular and most effective. Power and energy systems, to reduce the weight of the whole, so each person can choose any of them for you, taking into account your personal characteristics. Get to know the most well-known techniques of weight loss, that you have taken the time and have a more positive response.

diet for weight loss

What is the diet

At present, there are a number of systems and power-to-weight-loss-and-list-them-consistently. All of them are geared toward weight reduction, but differ in the ration, length of time, the so-called results. The most effective diet for weight loss can be divided into several categories:

  1. Fig. The diet of fruit to one or two of the products, the knowledge of the income very little. The Mono is difficult to move, but to make a good plumb bob.
  2. Protein. They are based on the elimination of carbohydrates. An effective and relatively safe to of the techniques, even though the diet is not fully balanced. For some people, the transfer of protein, the weight loss is a difficult one.
  3. The low-calorie.Suggest that a strict calorie-in, but from a varied diet.
  4. Malouglevodnomu. The amount of consumption of carbohydrates is reduced to a minimum.
  5. A low level of body fat. Limit your intake of fat.
  6. The cleaning is perfect. The use of the product, it is suitable for the elimination of waste toxins from the body.
  7. In the group of the body. Taking into account the physiological needs of man. In a balanced and safe to use, but it is not suitable for everyone, because, in addition to the blood group of each and every one of us, in terms of weight, and other factors.
  8. On The Soup. These are based on the use of hot and cold dishes.
  9. Express-diet. Suggests, the weight loss in just a few days. The weight after the methods of a quick return. They are all valid, but you can bring it in to the body if it is damaged.
  10. Fit for human consumption. The use of water, juices, coffee, tea, soft drinks.
  11. Intervalar. The power range of the products in a certain period of time. There is no limit on calorie intake, number of meals. The range of the power supply system will not be effective without physical exercise.

Evaluation of the diets on the performance of

In each of these categories there are a multitude of renewable energy systems; however, not all of them are equally effective. To understand the effect of hope on the basis of one or the other of them, be sure to check with the top of the rock, are compiled on the basis of many of the comments lose weight:

foods to lose weight

In the group of diet


The expected result of the weight loss (kg)



7, for the period of the Attack, 1 week, and Alternating



In 14 days


The low-calorie


7 to 10 to 21 days

Weeks of salt-free

From 4 to 10

The traffic light

from 2 to 7 days

The Swedish "6 petals"

A 5-or 6-day 6

The japanese

from 6 to 2 weeks



From 0.7 to 1 to 7 business days


100 grams per day


From 1 to 7 days


as much as 10 to 14 days

A low-fat,


From the 4th to the 10th day

Fruits and vegetables

The 4-week

The chinese

18-25. for 3 months

The onion

5 per week

The blood

3-5, for 2 months


In 3 days


In 9 days


The cleaning is ideal

Kefir-malic acid

700-800 g per day


2-3 a week


In 3 to 7 business days

The Soup

Carrot and ginger

Up to 5 per week

Soup, asparagus, and spinach


The soup, the broccoli and arugula


On the day




In the month of

To 20, and more


The three-day


On the fifth day of the

6 and 7



5 per week


1 night



Cabbage soup

1 day


A 0.5-per night

For weight loss

Any type of power supply to reduce the weight of the body involves a change in diet and lifestyle over a period of time. The task of each and every person striving to lose weight, choose one that will give you the result you expect, and it won't do harm to the body. For this reason it must be approached with a great deal of responsibility, learn the rules, and a list of indications and contra-indications. A better diet is you should not surrender even to the least of trouble.


weight loss fast

In this category fall the very best methods to diet which is the most balanced. In the menu, you should be the opus incertum of these products, all of which contribute to the improvement of the functioning of the intestinal tract, can inhibit the excretion of nutrients. As a general rule, a diet that includes recipes for the fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber. For a list of helpful and safe for the body. protein and fat:

  • of the plant;
  • the flour of oats;
  • the grain
  • chemistry;
  • paleo;
  • gluten-free foods;
  • Osama Hamdy;
  • in the mediterranean,
  • dr. Kovalkova;
  • supplements, vitamins, and protein;
  • Montignac;
  • the protein-carb distribution.


The methodology from this list, you will usually choose those people who are in need of a result to be real. They are well-known, time-tested and much, much more slim. The list of the most popular systems of diet for weight loss:

  1. In The Moscow Kremlin. Each product is assigned a certain number of points. In the evening, it is allowed to "take" a maximum of 40 points. At 7 days, the "Berlin" that removes up to 5 lbs. Preference is given to a delicious fish-and meat dishes. The technique is effective, but it also has a number of contra-indications, and does not like people who enjoy a variety in their diet.
  2. Enjoy. The salt-free food, with a huge list of forbidden foods. It is also good for your health, but because of the vapidity of food that's difficult.
  3. Rear seat and build a better world. It is based on the idea that the products that you can eat in any amount, but you can not mix the carbohydrates on the protein. Some of the food falls under a strict ban. The method of weight loss that is easier to maintain, taking advantage of the special tables of the compatibility of the products. One method is effective, but if you used to eat, he said, is a difficult one.


It is worth noting that now, with the ever-increasing amount of diet that is developed to provide a gentle impact on the body. If before, the most popular one to express a number of options, and at the present time, the advantage is given to the power systems, which are aimed at long-terms, but the constant is the result. Here are a few examples:

  1. 5 tbsp. The system is balanced, which is limited to a maximum of a day's supply of food. A 5-tablespoon – the perfect amount of food to feed the hungry, and the replacement of energy stores. The minimum time interval between meals – 3 hours. Of prohibited foods a little. Contra-indications, there is almost none at all.
  2. Potasovka. It has been calculated with a month-and-a-half. The diet is designed that the feeling of hunger, the person will, while blocking the products. The power supply, the improvement of the digestion, balanced ratio of PFC.
  3. The belly and thighs. A system that is based on the use of the products, the burning of fat under the skin. You have to count calories (1200-1300 calories per day at most), and a daily menu, so that the amount of fat intake of no more than 20%. For a long-term basis, to sit on a regimen of diet, it is recommended that no less than one a month.

The famous

The stars of the film, television, and pop music, they also use different effective diet, sometimes, very uncommon, and are interesting in order to keep them in perfect shape. If you want to follow in the footsteps of their idols, and try these techniques for the body:

  1. The three-day diet of Nicole Kidman. In order to quickly get in shape for the celebrity-it is recommended to reject the solid food, and drink the broth along with the fat burning smoothies, fresh juices of fruits and vegetables, herbal teas, and water. Repeating a course is allowed only once every two to three months. It will help you to get rid of 2-3 lbs, cleanse the body, improve the condition of your skin.
  2. To the best of the diet from sophia Loren. This was a woman, it is possible to have a perfect figure for many years to come. She follows a healthy diet always count the calories. Once a month, She will be seated on all three days of the diet. He is fed three times a day in small portions. A diet these days and that includes fruit juices, eggs, salads, vegetables, turkey, shrimp, fruit, vegetables and low-fat dairy products.
  3. The Technique Of Julia Roberts. This actress would rather lose the weight in the fish, vegetables and salads. Dishes are deep-fried, they are excluded. Eggs, dough, pasta, meat, rice, and potatoes, the Tradition, in a period of time for the body remove it.

The best diets for women

Due to the number of features in the body, hormonal failure, of the fair sex is much more difficult to control your weight. Nutrition include a variety of techniques, from the power supply, which is very effective for women:

  • japan;
  • hollywood week
  • the protein in the system of the Dukan;
  • the rear seat in power for 90 days;
  • book;
  • kefir;
  • buckwheat;
  • fruit.
products for weight loss

To lose weight fast

The power supply system for the reduction of weight in the shortest possible time and enjoy great popularity, because many times there are situations in which you need to a result of lightning. It is worthwhile to consider that the schemes of the power supply, and the fasting has a number of side-effects: they make the body stronger and stress, which can cause health problems. In addition to this, the result is unstable, and the weight after they return quickly. If you do not have to fear these dangerous consequences, and to study some of the examples.


The next diet is very strict, we strongly recommend that you join no more than three days. Diary of a diet (to eat there):

  1. Free wi-fi. A cup of coffee, no pasta, and 2 rye crackers.
  2. Lunch. 2 hard-boiled eggs, 4 tomatoes, and 2 crackers.
  3. For dinner. 50 g of cheese, 1 slice rye bread, 1 tomato, and a cup of green tea.

Won't last

By adhering to the following methodology, in three days, you're going to have to get rid of from 1.5 to 3 kg. The daily feed:

  1. Free wi-fi. In the green tea.
  2. Lunch. 150 g of ricotta cheese lean.
  3. Lunch. 150 grams of lean meat, a couple of tomatoes, 1 hard-boiled egg, a slice of cheese with no salt at all.
  4. A snack in the afternoon. The tea without the bulk.
  5. For dinner. 150 grams of boiled chicken, cucumber slices, cup of herbal tea.

An easy and efficient manner

In the following, the power system will be to provide you with a loss of up to 5 kilos of weight in as little as three days. The daily feed:

  1. Immediately upon rising in the morning. A glass of warm water.
  2. Free wi-fi. To 200 ml of hot, thin milk and honey.
  3. Lunch. Drain well. After 20 to 30 minutes, 200 g of boiled meat, 150 g of salad dressing.
  4. Afternoon snack and dinner. The cup of chicken broth.


The best example of right here is the paleo diet. The beginning is the best approach for the diet, it's this one, which was amongst the primitive peoples. To obey it is permissible for 7 days, it will not cause your body any damage. The description of the case of a one-day menu:

  1. Free wi-fi. Two hard-boiled eggs, 150 grams of salad from fresh fruit.
  2. Lunch. 10 almonds, 1 apple.
  3. Lunch. 200 grams of baked chicken breast, 1 cucumber, 1 tomato.
  4. For dinner. 200 grams shrimp, 150 grams of salad.

The best diet in the world

Each and every person at least once in his life, he tried to get rid of the excess weight, do you agree that it is easier to avoid this problem, she decided. The best way to do this is to adhere to a correct and balanced diet, to develop the correct eating habits to be harmful products, and keep track of the number of parts. The use of such an approach.

  1. It decreases the level of cholesterol and bad fats.
  2. It is reinforced at all of the internal organs and systems, bone, and muscle tissue.
  3. It recovers the balance of power.
  4. You are presented with the toxin.
  5. Those that are of importance for all metabolic processes.
  6. Your body gets all the macro and micro.
  7. It improves the psycho-emotional state.
  8. The weight stays in the normal ranges every time.