Exercises to lose weight in the belly and on the sides

In today's modern society, the standard of beauty in a woman's body-tall and thin. What do you do if a favorite skirt that is too tight, it sits on the waist, blue jeans, and committed a trespass, protraem of fat on the side?


It is important to understand that to remove the fat deposits and may be used only in the lower abdomen, or thighs with the easy exercises, it will not work. It will be necessary as the physique of the regular classroom, and to meet with a special diet to maintain the body in good physical shape.

Unfortunately, all the kinks hated the fat on the abdomen occur quietly and quickly, in and out of the weather and the will. It is for this reason that we have been professionals in the exercise to lose weight in the belly and on the sides! They will help you to achieve your goals, to be able to get rid of the excess weight!

A step by step guide on how to get rid of the excess fat

So, the time has come to gather your forces, and to bend, we need to start working on the picture. Physical activity is the best remedy for the unnecessary fat!

The exercises are aimed at burning fat and losing weight in the abdominal area in a home must be done on a regular basis. It is a constant exercise will give a positive result for the weight loss in the belly area. The effectiveness of the exercises to burn fat in the stomach depends on the regularity and strength of will.

But, as a joy, then, when you check the measurements and you will be pleasantly surprised by the results of the weight-loss and in the reduction of the volume of the stomach is in a week's time.

Tip! To lose weight in the belly and on the sides it is very important that you use the exercise for women, as in men, and obesity another type.

Move more!!!

The world is going through a move, a lot more men, but that does not take away from the activities that are aimed at reducing the belly fat. Bosu, the workout does not take a lot of time, but it will get rid of the build up of fat in the belly, exactly where it's needed.

An effective exercise for losing weight on the belly and on the sides to provide the assets of the motion, to move, lazy to move over!

Not necessarily, feed it with wisdom.

Among the exercises correctly, you should and need to eat. With any physical activity, if any nutrition, they will be useless for losing weight, it is not possible. So, in order for you to know that it's not worth to use it, we're going to give you some important tips on how to in the next chapter.

Food for weight loss you need to choose carefully, but for a start, it's important to change your diet. You are only changing it completely of your diet, you will not starve to death, and, therefore, can significantly reduce the weight.

  1. Be of good courage, and dispose of, or attempt to reduce to a minimum the fast diet of carbohydrates (sweets, flour, in the first place).
  2. You may want to limit your consumption of table salt, it also contributes to the development of excess body water (edema).
  3. Lower portion, up to 200 g. in the feed more often, at least 4 to 6 times a day.
  4. Not necessarily drink, come for a day, at least 2 liters per day of potable water. Water plays an important role in the metabolism and promotes the loss of weight of the body as a whole, including in the area of the belly and the hips.
  5. Avoid fats from a variety of meat and fish, will he give preference to low-fat grades of meat, poultry, meat, cow, and rabbit. One of the fish that the most suitable sole, hake, poland, cod.
  6. To cook food in steam, roast and bake, or just cook it.
  7. Avoid fast-food!
how to lose weight in the stomach

The rules for the implementation of the programme of the exercises for abdominal muscles at home

  1. An important point in the training, it is the choice of the time, it is not possible to start the charging and exercises for the stomach after a meal. Try to get your workout on an empty stomach immediately after sleep, or 3 hours after a meal. It is the time in which the body the more active it is configured for the burning of the fat.
  2. In the morning, exercise, exercise to lose weight in the stomach and thighs, don't use a sport-projectile to make it more heavy duty. The application of these projectiles leads to the increase of the muscle mass in problem areas and a view to increase the volume.
  3. The main thing-to achieve the best possible results of loss of weight of a stomach and a hip, it's the regularity of practice. As for the frequency, and the time it will leak out of the end you think to yourself, it is important to adhere to a schedule each and every day. Leave it out of laziness, and don't allow any long pauses in the living room. The exercise should be a joy, and a feeling of fatigue easily.
  4. Exercises to lose weight in the stomach and the legs, you should alternate the exercises for the lower leg in weight-loss, the journey, and regular Jogging.
  5. To begin the exercise to lose weight in the belly and on the sides with the pre-race warm-up. For the exercise to warm the muscles, quickens the circulation of the blood in the body, which is expanded up to the range of motion of the joints. Thanks to this warning result in personal injury.
  6. For those women, they would take a picture in order to know the exercise that you need to do during the charging process, in order to remove the fat from the belly and hips. In this article, we will mention two of the most common options in practice, but when you can, you should get the advice of a professional expert.
  7. For people who have to lose weight in the stomach, on the side, you can select a group of 5 uprajnenii to carry out the each of three approaches, one for each year of the repeat, by no less than 30 times 3-4 times a week. During the practice of sporting activities, mindful of your feelings, and your heart rate. Don't overdo it!

The plan of implementation

Study at home, it has to be taken properly, and in order to not miss the practical, you may bring an accomplice of the child, it would be fun to practice with, along with her mother. Along with humor, exercise for weight loss belly, thighs, and sides, and the final result is not going to be any worse than when you are working in the same room with the trainer. Primary, you must follow these guidelines:

  1. Start your workout with a single exercise for the entire body, and to practice the movement of the handles of the joints, the joints of the hands, upper thighs, and legs, and dance with your favorite music.
  2. The next step in order to slim your body is to follow an effective exercise for losing weight on the belly and on the sides, and that includes exercises such as inclines. Tilt it to carry out about 10 to 15 times to the front and to the rear, to the right and to the left of it. You try to pull on the muscles you are trying to get a hold of your fingers.
  3. An affordable way to lose weight in the belly and the thighs of the pets in the house, it is an exercise with a hoop. To enhance the effect, you can buy the hoop with massage jets, and accessories. When you rotate the wheel in at the waist enhances the function of the muscles of the abdomen, thighs, back, buttocks, and legs. During the year, with a hoop burns the most calories, leading to weight loss.
  4. But don't forget that the squat is an exercise that generates a muscle to press down on the abdomen, buttocks, and legs, and promotes weight loss.
to make jogging for weight loss

The most effective exercises for heavy weight loss in the belly and on the sides, in the position of lying on the ground. Start with a classic exercise in a quick and effective way of weight loss (which is the range of motion of the swing with the hands and feet, twisting the body in the supine position). All of the people in various physical shape, and it has to be reasonably closer to the place of load, especially for the exercise to lose weight in the stomach.

Let's take a look at 10 of the exercise for losing weight on the belly and sides of the house. These classes are ideal for beginners, hobbyists and advanced amateurs the home to deal with a high level of body fat in the abdominal area.

Cardio-exercises for lower abdomen

Cardio-training (aerobic exercise) is a combination of specific exercises aimed at increasing your heart rate and increase blood flow during activity. When you do this, it trains the entire cardiovascular system. - Cardio-exercises-to prepare the heart for the most serious of the charges, and, necessarily, to do exercises for the stomach, and to reduce the layer of fat on the thighs, and in the exercise of the muscles of the legs. While an effective cardio workouts for weight loss the belly and on the sides, you should be regular measurement of the pulse (the better to enjoy from a heart rate monitor).

Cardio training are the most effective workouts in the complexo da maré, especially for weight loss in the belly and on the sides, as well as the active calorie-burning, and, consequently, a reduction in the fat layer.

Attention! We consider a simple three-exercise fast, the "pumping" of the press, and on the side of it.


in the practice of the

Exercise The action The result
Every day Lie on your back on the floor with your arms extended, your feet. Lift up the top of the body of an organism, how can it be less to his feet, his hands pinned behind his head. We are 3-5 approaches to 15 the number of cranes in each of them. Rest is needed in between all the approaches is less than 30 seconds. Enhanced aerobic and strengthening your abdominal muscles. Less than 2-3 kg in a month
Every day Lying on the floor, lift your legs at a right angle. During your climb, put your feet on the ground, it is not possible. We set out to make 10 cranes in the 4-5 approach.

Rest between sets for at least 30 seconds.

It occurs in the abdominal exercise, the muscles of the abdomen, the back, on either side of you. Minus 2 to 4 kg. in the month of
Several times a day Heavily, our muscles of the abdomen, as if to retract it, and it held tension for 10 to 15 seconds. Then it slowed down. To carry out such an exercise it can be up to 5 times on the approach. Effective exercise for the abdominal muscles, it strengthens the muscles in the abdominal have a good result on the weight loss side of it. Less than 1-2 kg in a month

These classes are not going to take a lot of time, at all times, they were one of the most simple and most effective in the fight against excess weight and have a flat stomach.

A Regular, easy-on training that is designed to weight loss all over the body, especially the stomach would not have been possible without any of the power settings, to reduce the consumption of fats and carbohydrates. The reduction in caloric intake has a very valuable aid to the efficiency of the to lose weight in the stomach.

exercises at home

Exercise in the morning, for the strengthening of the muscles of the stomach takes 8 to 10 minutes, and it will take you a good mood. Simple exercises to lose weight in the belly it really work, your stomach becomes flat, while the sides are going to.

Exercises for the muscles of the belly to the back

For the purpose of losing weight fast, the exercises lying on your back, it should be carried out in the particular sport, on the carpet, it softens the tremors, and prevent the careless causing injury. The first pass of the year for up to 5 minutes to warm up and stretch your muscles.

The bike

An exercise Bike which simulates a ride on his bike. This is the best exercise to lose weight in the stomach, the sides, and the upper part of the thigh.

Take a starting position: lie on your back, bend your knees, push your heel as close as possible to the pelvis, the hands of dozens produced to keep your elbows in the back of my head.

Rose slowly, slowly, lift your shoulders off the floor, stretching, when your muscles of a stomach. Stretch one leg at a 45-degree angle to the ground, and, simultaneously, drag it to the opposite shoulder to the knee, flex the feet. Then, without pausing, repeat the gym with the other leg. The movement of the feet should be smooth and not too fast. Get 10 movements for each leg, and stretch out, then make the most of the 1-2 approach.

The "Russian twist"

This is a difficult exercise that involves all muscles of the body, especially in the

when you torque tighten the abdominal muscles. In the original position, to sit on the floor, bend the body backward up to 45 degrees, with your knees bent to lift, and keep the weight off. Hands are to close to the castle and you pull up to the front of it. On the out-breath, forcing his muscles to the press, when you turn the box on its side, filled the hands have in the direction of the movement of the body. Take a short break and then repeat the movement in the opposite direction. Enough to produce up to 3 sets of 10 twists and turns to the printing press.

Exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles in your waist, it is

In an exercise of "the board") is composed of a movement dedicated to the empowerment of the printing press, the diet for the belly, thighs, and back. The belt is a master in the complex with the gym and exercise. He is, in effect, for the construction of a flat stomach.

In the original position, on his knees, with the palms of your hands to operate it on the floor. Pull it out of the belly, contract the abdominal muscles, and increased very slowly, lowered himself on bent in the elbows, hands, and elbows, are strictly on all the joints of the shoulder. Hold the position for a minute, the tensioning of the muscles of the stomach. Then, pull back on the foot, and by changing the position of the classic in belt, resting on the ground only with the toes of the feet and the palms of her hands. The belly is pulled in, the pelvis up, not out, for the body is it has a resemblance to a straight line. Count out loud to 10 and then send the trunk to the front, with a force that pulls on the muscles. In the exercise, it is recommended to repeat 4-5 times.

Strap in, it's up to the hop

For the financial year is calculated on a total body workout, weight loss your legs, thighs, stomach.

The position of the original is a classic, the strap is higher. Resting on the ground with your hands, and jump away from your feet without a break, without a leap, you join your feet together. The jump is not less than a 5 minute approach. You can after this lesson, you add an exercise to the universe, with twists and turns.

exercises for the abs

Exercises for the muscles of the stomach stand

There is a body of the most effective exercises to strengthen your muscles and lose weight in the stomach. Such an exercise as simple as the track is very effective when you need to, to lose weight in the belly and on the sides.

You tilt, you can enhance by adding, in the hands of a dumbbell or other heavy duty vehicles and try to kill her.

They are also proven exercises as the foot turns to the left and to the right of it. When the tension of the abdominal muscles, the human being is in a bent-feet shoulder-width apart, hands behind his head. In this position, the turns in a different direction. An effective exercise to lose weight in the stomach, and to the side.

These exercises can include the exercises in the morning, with the goal of reducing the waist and the weight in the belly.

The download may log in as an exercise for those who are lazy, such as the lifting of the legs while sitting in a chair when your knees come in contact with the breast, and is delayed by 10 to 15 seconds. This year, it also gives a very good result in weight loss in the belly and on the sides. Add in exercise with a hoop.