Exercises to lose weight at home

The best in the waist, belly flat, steep, thigh, elasticated chest, a slim figure is the dream of many young girls and women. If the forms are not going to be perfect, but if you are willing to work with your own body, and to obtain the parameters of the cherished 90*60*90 you're going to need a reduced-calorie diet and exercise to weight-loss. This will help you to get rid of those extra pounds, improve skin elasticity, and improve the overall tone of the body. To talk to you about how to lose weight fast at home with the help of exercise and fitness.

Press release

How to properly do the exercise at home

Losing weight is a long and complex process, which requires a combination of a low-calorie food, and exercise. If you don't want to go to the gym, and then, at the completion of the agreement form, you are going to help you at home with a set of exercises for weight loss. The process of burning fat, happened to be the most effective excess weight decline is slow and gradual, you will be aware of the basic principles of sport coaching, highlighted by well-known fitness trainers and professional athletes.

With the regular practice of the

Long-term basis to lose weight at home can be achieved with the help of regular fitness exercises. If you are just beginning to participate in sports, the one that you like, and the frequency of classes 2 to 3 times a week. The most advanced of fitness, you can increase the amount of exercise up to about 5 or 6 times, for a requirement to be a day of rest. The physical load it is recommended to increase it gradually, not overloading your muscles and not lose the motivation to teach the sport.

The duration of the exercise

In the primary fat-burning occurs on about a half-hour after that the beginning of the class period. Therefore, to the rapid loss of weight, you should start with about 30 to 40 minutes a day, gradually increasing the duration of exercise for up to an hour. During the lecture, pay close attention to your well-being. Excessive exercise can lead to injury, and a state of overtraining.

Time for you to practice

The best time for the practice of cardio exercises is the morning, when the rate of metabolism reaches a maximum. Therefore, the training is up to 12: 00 noon on the day of the help you get to grips with the handy pounds and toning up your muscles. Afternoon sessions are more suitable for the power cable in sports activities, aiming at the development of the survey and a set of masses. In addition to this, nights, and regular exercise can help to relieve psychological stress after a hard day's work. The best time for the practice of sports activities in the afternoon: from 16: 00 to 20: 00.

The setting of goals, and a variety of exercises

Balanced diet

It is recommended that during the training for quality study, one group of a muscle, and the load on the rest of the body is distributed to the residual. For example, on the second Monday of the 80% of the time, you have the balance of a press release on Wednesday, the focus is on the lower part of the body, and on Friday it's working on all the muscles of the hands and the chest. So, for about a week, you are quality is going to be working all the major muscle groups without over-taxing your body for sport and exercise.

Balanced diet

If you are seriously decided to lose weight at home so you can't do without, learned to read and write restricted. Eliminate from the diet of harmful products and the high calorie content, fast-forward to 1 or 2 times per week, you spend download days, to bring out the beauty of one's daily food on a daily basis and keep your total calories in the diet. All of this is going to help you to lose weight as soon as possible and to achieve the cherished forms.

Effective for a complex estimation exercise for weight loss

If you get rid of weight by working out at home, it can be done with the help of integrated exercises for different muscle groups. The load on the physical pick up and focus on his sports training, and well-being. If you have just started your training, then you will be good enough for 2-3 approaches a 10-to 15-fold. If you are already exercising, you should feel free to increase the quantity of approaches and repetitions, up to a maximum.

Built-in exercises for the stomach and on the sides

The accumulation of fat in the belly and on the side of the headache in many women. To reduce the waist and remove a flabby tummy can be an simple and easy exercises for the abdominal muscles. These exercises on a regular basis – the effective tool of rounded folds on the sides. It increases the tone and elasticity of the abdominal muscles, making your waist slim, and graceful.

Exercises to lose weight in the stomach necessarily, it should include the sport, the top of your press,lower abdominals, and obliques, the muscles of the stomach. In an article entitled "What exercises should I do to remove that fat of a stomach and a mouth?", we have analyzed in detail the characteristics of the training for this subject area. By adding these fitness exercises to lose weight in the stomach side and in to your workout schedule, you are going to get rid of the excess fat.

Coaching for weight loss legs, butt, and thighs

To get rid of the excess inches from your hips, and tighten your buttocks, to help simple and easy to exercise in the gym. Pay close attention to train a few times a week, and then to quickly come up with a good result. The best exercises for this problem area are:

  • The back squat. During the execution of the exercises, it works most of the muscles of the legs, (thighs and buttocks). It is for this reason that they are the most effective means to slimming your legs. The deeper you squat, the greater the amount of muscle work. Such a load, it is recommended to use a small dumbbell.
  • Lunges – a worthy addition to the back squat. There are a lot of options, exercises of forward, backward, to the right and to the left of it. The lower you squat during the attack, the most effective is exercise for weight loss. Keeping a sports item, care should be taken that the knee was at a 90-degree angle in relation to the thigh, lower back, then continue on. To keep your balance, hold on to the back of the chair.
  • Mahi is an excellent choice for treating the core muscles of the foot. The exercises can be standing up or lying down. If you want to improve your efficiency in training, and then line up with the insults, and the mahi on a single item.

For example,do a lunge back with your right foot, and a hand to hold and a pull back on the back of the chair. On the in-breath, raise your right leg to the front, on the out-breath return to the starting position. This is the type of option, the exercise facility provides the quality and development of the muscles of the thighs and the buttocks.

Please note that in the following article you will learn about the general guidelines of how to lose weight in your legs.

Simple and easy exercises for your back and arms

Flat back, strong muscle, lower back, shoulders rounded, and of a beautiful shape of a hand giving the silhouette of a female's special beauty, harmony and charm. Strengthening the core muscle groups, enhance muscle tone in the upper part of the body and burn the excess fat to help you with a set of exercises for weight loss back, arms:

  • Push-ups – an excellent option for training the muscles of the hands, chest, and back. As the head of the bear the brunt of this exercise, it works to the weight of the body. If you are it's physically painful to do push-ups to the genre, and the actual course of the bench or table.
  • Lift weights , give a a nice, isolated the load from the biceps and triceps. There are a lot of variations of these exercises. The ski lifts are performed: direct or reverse grip on the front, either straight or bent at the elbows with the hands, because of the head, and the t. d. a Choice of options, in its sole discretion.
Lift weights

For-weight-loss-hand in these exercises, it is recommended to perform with the use of small weights and lots of reps. For example, 2-3 sets of 50-100 times, with weights of 2-3 pounds. If you want to work the muscle field, then you will need to do fewer reps with heavier weights. The load, in this case, you must be selected individually.

Strength training for men to lose weight at home

Male exercises to lose weight at home you should include cardio in the training load. This approach to training is effective for reducing the overweight and the development of the power indicator. Cardio exercises are trained in the circulatory system and increase the overall stamina of your body. The distributor is a complex way to gain muscle mass, and it's a nice relief to the muscles.

Effective exercises for both men and women:

  • Jumping rope, or running , is an excellent choice for a pre-race warm-up before a private of the chain in the complex. To increase your physical activity, you use the self-timer interval approach, the a workout, alternating between different levels of training.
  • Rock-climbing wall for the kids, or the boards of the efficient sports equipment for exercising all muscle groups. Doing push-ups or push-ups you in terms of quality-you will work the muscles in your chest, arms, and shoulders. In addition, it raises on the leg, in steingaden, will give you a good load of the press, and the ft.
  • Barbell and dumbbells will help you to get a good ground with the aid of the isolated exercises for the muscles of the upper part of the body. Well-established, lift weights in the biceps from a seated position or on an incline bench, Romanian, or any other type of traction bar for the triceps, and the muscles of his back. Use a variety of options in day-to-day sport, of projectiles (hammer, straight on, back), in order to use a variety of muscles during the exercise.

To regulate the conduct of those that are easy and simple exercise that will help you achieve a beautiful relief of the musculature, to increase strength and endurance. Enough to to to to allocate a time for training several times a week, in order to achieve good results in sports. Through this class, you can easily maintain your body in the perfect shape.

Dance fitness

Dance workout for weight loss at home

The dance aerobics – is a good way to quickly get rid of the extra pounds. Such a class, under the energetic and infectious music will give you a good load of force to develop the album of the body and will enhance the overall stamina of your body. In addition to this, the practice of a health club and a dance, you activate the metabolic rate and train your cardiovascular system.

Dance aerobics classes combine destinations, such as Latin, samba, rumba, jazz, and even classical ballet. You can then choose exactly what kind of dancing you like best, and train under your favorite music. In addition to this, the dancing, and the exercises provide a good workout for all the muscle groups. During the class, you can burn a lot of energy: up to 700 calories in an hour. So, this is the kind that is so popular among other fitness exercises.

The practice of dance and aerobics can be in the home, using video-training-for-star on popular fitness or sports club, under the guidance of an experienced coach. If you are in good physical and mental shape, and then turns on the dance floor, for example, Latin and rock ' n ' roll. If you are just starting your training session, then you are the ideal more at peace, in the direction of – funk-aerobics, or dance of the east. Don't forget to take the obligatory pre-race warm-up before and stretching after the practice. This will allow you to adapt to the intense physical stress, and relieve tension in the muscles after the training of the motor activity.

To lose weight at home requires a certain degree of self-organization and discipline. Set clear objectives and determine the tasks, then you are clearly able to act in accordance with the plan. By regularly carrying out a comprehensive exercise for fast weight loss and adhering to a low-calorie food, balanced diet, you will be able to achieve the ideal body shape.